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ELEMISSION was founded with an innovative spirit and an ambitious MISSION: to resolve real-time analytical problems with our process analyzer. Ideas always start with a problem. Ours was complex: several LIBS manufacturers exist, but none are able to deliver what customers really need for real-time process monitoring. By circumventing traditional channels, designing instruments in-house, and interacting directly with customers, we’re able to provide high quality, highly efficient instruments.
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The MISSION : BREAKDOWN provides real-time and high throughput elemental analyses that finally meets the industrial needs. It allows improvement of recycled material value, continuous monitoring of chemical composition of the process feed as well as mapping soil properties for agriculture or remediation.

With a growing interest in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) that eliminates the need for batch control by continuous process monitoring and process understanding. ELEMISSION is here to help. Products identify and monitor critical-to-quality parameters to ensure quality, productivity and accuracy of product specifications.
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What is libs?
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a form of the Atomic Emission Spectrometry (AES) technique involving laser-generated plasma which combines all the required processes for AES sample vaporization, atomization and excitation simultaneously. LIBS is inherently attractive and useful because of its capability to detect, identify, and quantify the chemical composition of any material in any form (e.g. gas, liquid, solid, conductive or non-conductive).
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