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Discover what’s at the core of ELEMISSION. Head straight for success with the best elemental analysis product system there is. Our reliable and precise expertise will help your company grow. We are ready to create new alternatives to meet all your needs. 



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Excellence: Our Top Priority 

We are a proud pioneer in our field and our track record is pristine. We are passionate about designing the best solutions for your industry. We remain at the cutting edge of technology as we design and improve the quality of your elemental analysis systems. We are ready to respond to new global markets. We will collaborate with you meticulously to explore, innovate and adapt in order to provide services based on your industry’s needs. This is ELEMISSION’s priority.

Our products

Almost all manufacturers in the world require thorough and efficient process analyses on a daily basis. Because of this, developing significant productivity increase and product improvement can be extremely challenging. To help solve this issue, the ELEMISSION line of products ensures that factories improve their productivity, quality of finished products, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions all while lowering energy costs. 

Do you work in the mining, agriculture, metallurgical, or other sector and you want to benefit from the precise chemical components of your soils, materials, or metals without having to prepare samples? 

Do you want to rely on reliable and flawless technology that will allow you to produce with high quality standards all while increasing your company’s productivity? 

How can you get these consistently precise results for low operating costs? 

Our laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy technology is the best versatile elemental analysis product system and is at your service. 


Proficient chemical analysis technology at your doorstep 

LIBS technology is a good option for you if you answered yes to the following:  

  • Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to obtain appropriate and precise chemical analyses results to keep you out of hot water? 
  • Are you are looking for a worry-free way of increasing your company’s productivity so that you can compete in global markets. 

Discover the ideal LIBS solution offered by ELEMISSION 

We are proud to offer this innovative elemental analysis system for you to automate productivity processes within your company. 

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The ELEMISSION team is made up of resourceful scientists who care about your success in the industry. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and ensure total quality control to increase your added value.