Got the question?

How is it possible to build the best process analyzers?

ELEMISSION generally proposes to his customers a demonstration stage, to make sure that the Laser-Induced Atomic Emission Spectrometry technique is delivering the needs of the customer. Therefore, since the risks are minimized, the customer can move forward with the purchase without the stress associated to “does it really works?”.

Who started Elemission?

Meet our founders.

François R. Doucet, Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., LSO, chimiste, CEO
François R. Doucet obtained his doctorate and master degrees in analytical chemistry from Université de Montréal, he has 16 years of knowhow in LIBS. He also excels in atomic emission, laser ablation, spectroscopy, chemometrics, nuclear forensics and process chemistry. He has co-authored several active patents. He likes to do alpine ski, mountain bike, and plays hockey. It is important to note that he has tried to analyze (almost) anything by LIBS; ask him about your analytical problems you may be surprise by the answer.

Lütfü Çelebi Özcan, Ph.D. , M.Sc.A,, CTO
Lütfü Çelebi Özcan has obtained his Engineering Physics from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 2007.With an educational background in mathematics, physical engineering and electrical engineering, his expertise covers a wide scientific range, extending to electronics, optics/opto-electronics, telecommunications, software, green technology. He possesses 14 years of knowhow in prototyping, automation and optical systems Design. Using a customized approach, Lütfü develops creative strategies to meet his clients’ particular needs in order to valorize and maximize their return on their R&D investment. He is co-inventor on several exploited patents. In his spare time, Lütfü is a soccer player and fan of Olympique Lyonnais.

I want to work for Elemission, where do I sign up?

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