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Are you in the mining, metallurgical, agricultural or other related industry? Would you like the know the exact chemical compounds of your soils, materials and metals, without the hassle of sample preparation? Would you like to depend on a reliable and flawless technology that allows you to produce with the utmost quality?  Would you like to increase your business productivity by achieving accurate, consistent results, at a low operating cost?

With laser-induced atomic emission spectroscopy, discover the best system of versatile elemental analysis products at your service. 
Once you have opted for the product that best meets your needs, you will have the chance to:

  • Increase the value of your recyclable material. 
  • Track the chemical composition in real time with accuracy.
  • Map the properties of your agricultural or mining soils.
  • Reduce costs as well as your environmental footprint.
  • Improve your expertise and effectiveness.
  • Increase your team performance and productivity.

The products line allow precise identification and control of critical process parameters to ensure the quality, productivity, and accuracy of finished product specifications. 
Discover our different products


The C.O.B.R.A.-322 product line combines several advanced innovations for high throughput process analytical technology (PAT) in an industrial configuration adaptable to any conveyor belt width. It is capable of scanning and classifying up to 100 objects per second while outputting real time classification data and statistics. C.O.B.R.A.-322 process analyzers uphold to the highest market[...]


CORIOSITY is the most advanced benchtop analyzer currently on the market for core sample imaging and analysis. CORIOSITY’s unique platform allows it to fulfill the most demanding customer needs: repeatability, reproducibility, robustness, precision, accuracy, and sensitivity, all at an unmatched speed and spatial resolution. It enables direct imaging of core samples down to a resolution of[...]


Slurry is ELEMISSION’s all-new fully automated fluid sample analyzer. With one of these machines in a laboratory, it’s possible to rapidly analyze virtually any type of slurry solution with a high degree of precision and accuracy.  It comes equipped with an articulated workstation that is used to control the analyzer as well as for data processing with specially designed[...]


Thanks to Z118, you will no longer need to prepare the surface. You can analyze the elements simultaneously. Whether it's for your routine analyses or to enable the growth of your innovative analytical developments. You'll have a 2 in 1, perfect for solving your daily analytical problems. [...]

Libs technology

Découvrez la solution optimale LIBS offerte par ELEMISSION  

Nous sommes fiers de vous offrir ce système d’analyse élémentaire novateur afin d’automatiser les processus de productivité de votre entreprise.