CORIOSITY is the most advanced LIBS hyperspectral imager currently on the market. CORIOSITY’s unique platform allows it to fulfill the most demanding customer needs: repeatability, reproducibility, robustness, precision, accuracy, and sensitivity, all at an unmatched speed and spatial resolution. It enables direct imaging of core samples or any surface down to a resolution of 50 µm. This innovative instrument allows for simultaneous multi-elemental imaging and study for routine analysis, as well as for more demanding analytical developments. CORIOSITY is powered by artificial intelligence to provide the users with quantitative automated mineralogy for geology, geometallurgy and mineralogy.






Quantitative automated mineralogy



Elemental content



Unmatched imaging speed and resolution on drilled core


Concrete drilled core characterization


Characterization of lithium-based electrodes












Plant surveys


Plant monitoring


and more...

Accessories & Options


LIBS Control software suite with integrated chemometrics


Quantitative automated mineralogy


Autosampler with custom sample holder shape (option)


Automated HEPA filter for control of laser-induced particles (option)


and more...



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