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ELEMISSION: New prize and more LIBS news

We are proud to announce that ELEMISSION inc. is the winner of the Export Montreal Ouest MercadOr Prize for New Explorer! ELEMISSION CEO François Doucet accepted our prize on May 26th, 2017 in Montreal, Quebec.

The company was also recently featured in several news articles. First, ELEMISSION was featured in the May 2017 edition of Spectroscopy Magazine. Under Review of New Spectroscopic Instrumentation for 2017, ELEMISSION’s CORIOSITY was named as one of the most innovative new atomic spectroscopy product of the year. The magazine described CORIOSITY as “the most advanced benchtop LIBS analyzer for elemental imaging and analysis currently on the market.”

Next, ELEMISSION sat down with Samuel Larochelle from La Presse to discuss innovative start-ups in the Ville Saint-Laurent area for Cinq PME de Saint-Laurent qui veulent changer le monde (Five SMEs from Saint-Laurent that would like to change the world). ELEMISSION was included in the list for wanting to change the chemical analysis industry by working on sorting metals on high-speed conveyors and analyzing chemical compositions through LIBS technology. As well, ELEMISSION’s environmental impact was mentioned, with CEO François Doucet mentioning that “[our technology] can also monitor what industrial plants emit into the environment.”

As well, ELEMISSION discussed high technology with Martin Primeau from La Presse, specifically LIBS technology, Hautes Technologies au Service des Sociétés Minières (High Technology at the Service of Mining Companies). ELEMISSION’s CORIOSITY is named after the Mars Curiosity rover, which used LIBS technology to send back data to Earth. ELEMISSION uses similar technology to analyze rock cores. Mr. Doucet commented that “[ELEMISSION’s] technology allows us to analyze 1000 measurements per second.”

Furthermore, ELEMISSION recently participated in the 2017 CIM Conference in Montreal, Canada. CIM is the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, and holds a yearly conference with industry participants. ELEMISSION had the opportunity to network with fellow companies and discuss its machines, which provide required selectivity and throughput for big data-generation in Artificial Intelligence mining analysis.

ELEMISSION continues to develop and improve breakthrough LIBS technology, helping industries solve real-time analytical problems. You can learn more about ELEMISSION’s product lines by contacting us. Ask us how our products can help your research and analysis!






ECORE is the ultimate core scanner: combine the novel geochemical laser ablation sensor to ELEMISSION automation expertise and, increase your on-site workflow.




CORIOSITY is the most advanced LIBS hyperspectral imager currently on the market. CORIOSITY’s unique platform allows it to fulfill the most demanding customer needs.




COBRA combines several advanced innovations for high throughput process analytical technology (PAT).

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